Memories Of Mom

Memories of Mom

Rave Soup For The Writer’s Soul Anthology, 2022 is an anthology produced by RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB & RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS.

Memories Of Mom

I have one short story, The New Baby, in Memories of Mom which is currently available as an ebook from Amazon US

In every child’s memory bank, there are some memories that stand out above all the rest – the memories of Mom. The woman who gave you life, cared for you, fed you, wiped away your tears, made you smile, put her life on pause for you, and cheered you on at every turn, deserves every treasure that you can bestow upon her.

In this book, “MEMORIES OF MOM, Rave Soup For The Writer’s Soul Anthology, 2022,” some of the writers of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB & RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS, take you back in time, as they share their memories of their own moms, and how those experiences helped shape who they are today.

Tear-jerkers, amazing lessons, and loads of laughs-out-loud… are just some of the moments you will experience once you dive between the covers of “MEMORIES OF MOM, Rave Soup For The Writer’s Soul Anthology, 2022.” What you won’t find, is a single dull moment of the entire read.

Enjoy the journey!

5-star review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the fourteen short stories in MEMORIES OF MOM: RAVE SOUP ANTHOLOGY, 2022. Even though each story depicts memories of a different mother, I found a common thread in all of them: A mother’s love for their children. In fact, I can take snippets from each story and work up a description that would fit my mother to a “T”. We always knew our mother as the farmer’s daughter.

My mother died ten years ago at 89, her final year as a resident in a memory nursing home. She had dementia, and every visit and story was a new experience for her. During that time, we siblings learned something about her she kept a secret all her life. She was experiencing flashbacks and suffered during her nightly nightmares; reliving events from her younger days. This is how we learned that during WWII, she harbored Jews and helped them escape from Germany. Some of her dreams forced her to relive those times when German secret police sought her out, and when not finding her and my newborn sister in their hiding places, the Gestapo took away her supporting neighbors instead – never to be seen again.

Unfortunately, she had no recollection of these events during the day and could not answer questions about her life during the war. We could only put together bits and pieces of her during that time – not enough to even write a short story – by what the nursing staff reported the following day. We wondered how different our lives would have been if we knew this all along. In her case, a mother’s love extended beyond her immediate family.

Don’t miss out on this anthology – snag your copy. I’m certain you will find a part of your mother in these fine accounts. Thank you, Nonnie Jules, for putting this all together.