Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries

Sir Chocolate and the strawberry cream berries story and cookbook is available from TSL Publications and Amazon.

Available as a square book (for ages 2 to 5 years old), as an A5 book (for ages 4 to 9 years) and an ebook:


The blurb

Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet live in Chocolate land where you can eat absolutely everything. Join them on a fantastic adventure to find the amazing strawberry cream berry and learn how to make some of their scrumptious recipes at the same time.

Sir Chocolate and the strawberry cream berries story and cookbook also contains a poem entitled My son.

Learn how to make the following fun and tasty recipes:

  • Jolly Gingerbread Boys
  • Sir Chocolate Brownies
  • Scrumptious Shortbread
  • Multi-coloured Rocky Road; and
  • Royal icing.


Meet the characters

Stinkpot the troll


Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet



Five Star review by a verified Amazon purchaser

Sir Chocolate is “round and fat” and his wife Lady Sweet is described as wearing ” a stripy skirt and top.” They live in Chocolate land, where they “sell confectionery in a shop.” Their story is told in verse, as they search for “the amazing bean with flavours of strawberries.”
Robbie and her son Michael Cheadle have created a children’s book that is a delight to read, and beautifully illustrated with Robbie’s exquisite baking and fondant creations. Both children and adults will love this book.
The recipes at the end include Jolly Gingerbread Boys and Sir Chocolate Brownies.
The illustrations will compel the readers to bake…

Five star Amazon review by Judy E Martin

This book was a treat for the eyes as well as a fun story written in verse,which children will love. It was beautifully illustrated throughout by delicious looking fondant characters, and chocolate scenery. There are recipes at the back of the book which are ideal for children and parents to make together, such as chocolate brownies and gingerbread boys.A decadent delight!

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