Whispers of the past

Whispers of the past is a paranormal anthology with nine stories from seven authors, including the winning story in the 2019 WordCrafter Paranormal Short Fiction Contest, A Peaceful Life I’ve Never Known, by Jeff Bowles.

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4 star Goodreads review

As always seems to be the case with anthologies by multiple authors, I enjoyed some of the stories in this collection more than others. All were well-written, with fascinating – and sometimes quite chilling – plots, and interesting characters. It’s just that some appealed to me more than others, while a couple of the stories were difficult for me to get in to and enjoy due to my personal tastes in reading materials. So, I’ve given this book four out of five stars, which is lower than a couple of the stories deserve, but higher than I would have rated others had I read them on their own.

*NOTE: I was given a free review copy of this book by the author of one of the stories. This fact has in no way influenced either my opinion of the stories – or the collection as a whole – nor the contents of this review.


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