Blog Tour: A Ghost and His Gold by Roberta Eaton Cheadle (w/ Review, Giveaway & Character Interview)

Today, talented author James J Cudney of This Is My Truth Now blog is hosting Day 2 of my Great Escapes Book Tour. James has shared an interview with one of my secondary characters, Masiko, and also his review of this book.

Here is a taste of the interview:

Character Interview

  • What is your character’s name?
    • Mosiko – Mosiko is never referred to with a last name in the book.
  • Can you share some personality traits about Mosiko?
    • Mosiko is one of Pieter van Zyl’s trusted farm managers on his farm in Irene.
      • When it becomes obvious that war is inevitable, Pieter travels to join up with his brother and their commando in the region where they both grew up, and Pieter leaves Mosiko in charge of the farm and the security of this wife and three daughters. Pieter trusts Mosiko explicitly after his many years of service to the van Zyl family.
      • Mosiko had joined the van Zyl family when he was 10-years old and Pieter’s father, Hendrik, had found him hungry and abused, hiding in the veld from his abusive carers. Hendrik had offered the boy a home and he had become particularly attached to Pieter and accompanied him when he left to establish his own farm.
      • Pieter’s oldest daughter, Estelle, is also attached to Mosiko and regards him as her trusted caregiver. Pieter’s wife, Marta, also relies on Mosiko as is demonstrated by this paragraph from the book:
        • During the months when her father was away, Mosiko proved himself to be exceptionally devoted and Estelle was relieved that her mother had someone competent who she could rely on to help her. Mosiko had worked for her father his whole life and knew exactly what needed to be done. Stepping into the role of overseer, he supervised the work of his fellow labourers and ensured it was done properly.

To read the rest of the interview and James’ review, click here:

There is also a Giveaway for participating bloggers.



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