Dunvegan Castle gardens

It was pouring with rain the morning we visited Dunvegan Castle. I wanted to see the gardens so we donned our rain jackets and sloshed our way along the paths. It was well worth it to see such a magnificent display of nature. This garden is one of the most amazing I have seen during my visits to Britain. I loved its wildness.


The fast flowing river in the castle gardens


Greg, Michael and I on the bridge in front of the waterfall in the castle gardens


I thought these flowers were stunning


This is where the castle’s fairy folk live. 


and this is where the witches gather.


A rather beautiful formal garden

17 thoughts on “Dunvegan Castle gardens

    1. The garden’s were not busy, Sally, but a few tourists did brave the downpour. I don’t mind rain, in fact I love it. We are due to get some this week. I am praying.

    1. Hi Darlene, I do aspire to make day lilies like these as soon as I have sent A ghost and his gold off to my editor [which will be next weekend].

    1. They really are, Tandy. We tried to go to the cafe you recommended for lunch but it was full. We ended up going to a vegan restaurant called the Red Roof. The food was excellent.

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