Our visit to Middlethorpe Hall & Spa, York


During our recent trip to York in the UK, we stayed at Middlethorpe Hall & Spa for two nights. It really was the loveliest hotel I have stayed in with wonderful service and the most beautiful gardens. The picture above shows the lovely courtyard outside our rooms.

The Hall was built in 1699 and was once the home of the famous diarist, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Our rooms were delightfully roomy and comfortable and had a lovely historical atmosphere.


A selection of photographs taken of the doorway into the garden.


A lovely place to rest and relax.

Lots of lavender and bees.

In case you didn’t know, I have two short stories in a new paranormal anthology called Whispers of the Past, edited by Kaye Lynne Booth. It should be available by the end of the month and one of my short stories is called The Last of the Lavender.

Last of the Lavender Promo


This tree is enormous.

Some of the beautiful flowers in the garden.

28 thoughts on “Our visit to Middlethorpe Hall & Spa, York

    1. I love garden’s, Craig. We always visit at least one when we travel to the UK. This hotel was especially gorgeous.

    1. It is amazing there, Amy. So very English and we enjoyed having drinks in this gorgeous garden.

      1. I do need to travel more – I was only in the UK once and did a fast 10 day spin around England, Wales and Ireland. I have only been to continental Europe a handful of times – twice to Italy and three times to France. Africa wasn’t at the top of my list, but I have met so many people from there on the blogs, I might have to visit. And on your side, if you ever come to the US and travel in the northeast, let me know.

        1. I will definitely do that, Trent. The boys are very keen to visit the US, of course, but the jetlag is really bad.

          1. Yeah, a bit of jetlag crossing the pond. Of course that is a super long flight! That is worse than the jetlag, in my opinion….

  1. Robbie, I had no idea you wrote adult horror fiction as well! And paranormal too! You and I have so much in sync! Fascinated by the book you co-wrote with your mother. My mom was in the very first Women’s Army Corps, WWII. Someday I will write her story. I’m trying to catchup on my own writing instead of editing and ghostwriting all the time. Congrats on the new book. I’ve tagged it to read and review. I’m so glad I found your blog. I deleted myself from Facebook. Too much hacking going on!

    1. Oh, now I know why I haven’t seen you on FB recently, Deborah. I have recently started writing adult supernatural and horror. Dan Alatorre encouraged me and I really enjoy it. I would be very interested in a book about your mom’s WWII story. Thanks for visiting me here.

    1. It was a lovely place to stay, Kim. My favourite of all the hotels and apartments and it wasn’t the most expensive.

  2. Your photos are worthy of what we call a “coffee table book,” Robbie! The family pictures are also wonderful. It seems like an idyllic location to stage a wedding or setting for a book. . .

    1. It is a really beautiful place, Robin. I am sure it has its ghosts so maybe I’ll look into that.

    1. Hi Lisa, that is interesting. The photographs look fine on my computer. I will check it form my cell phone. It was a wonderful place to visit.

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