Sir Chocolate and the sugar dough bees

Sir Chocolate and the sugar dough bees story and cookbook is the third book in the Sir Chocolate series of picture books.

Meet the characters


Taylor Gingernut after she discovers the damaged 

“As for the bees, the result of this raid;
Meant their winter stores could not be
Their worry, what would become of their queen?
Without dough she would become weak and lean.”

DSCN1582The fruit drop fairies


The sugar dough bees

The Blurb

The adventures of Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet in poetry form. Michael came up with the idea of Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet and many of the characters contained in the books, when he was ten years old. His ideas were such fun that Robbie decided to turn them into little verse books for his entertainment. The book contains recipes for children to make with adult assistance.

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  1. Terrific! I will be sharing a holiday gift guide on Wednesday that is going to feature your books…and I have them ordered as a gift as well! Bravo!

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