Tips & Advice: General Life – Baking With Children (Guest Post by Robbie Cheadle)

My thanks to James Cudney IV of This Is My Truth Now blog for hosting me with this post about baking with children.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend. If your children are looking for entertainment, my boys and I have started a YouTube Channel here: Robbie Cheadle. We are posting some recipe videos and readings of our free Sir Chocolate books for children who are looking for entertainment at home. There are also instructions on how to make fondant creatures.

Tips & Advice: General Life – Baking With Children (Guest Post by Robbie Cheadle)

It’s the next installment of the General Life segment in the Tips & Advice feature on the This Is My Truth Now blog. If you’re new to this segment, scroll toward the bottom to learn more about it and me. Today’s topic continues with Robbie Cheadle who shares her thoughts on the benefits of baking with children. Earlier this year we had a Cooking 101 course with Vanessa, and today, we are focusing on baking with kids… how much more fun and delectable could this blog get?

Robbie is an amazing person… not only does she work a full-time job, but she cares for her mother, is married, and has two young sons to raise. On top of all that, her blog is amazing and she has written at least a dozen books and short stories. I’m in awe of her talent and stamina. Robbie also has a dedicated author page on my blog where you can check out my ~10 reviews of her various books. I’ve also shared several book alerts and participated on blog tours for her novels. Let’s dive into her guest post…

Guest Post: Baking With Children by Robbie Cheadle

Baking with children is fun. They love measuring, mixing, pouring and, especially, tasting. It is lovely for parents and caregivers to experience having this sort of simple fun with their children.

When my oldest son, Gregory, was a little lad, he didn’t sleep well. Every morning he would wake up at 4am until he was eighteen months old. As soon as he was walking completely, I started using this time to bake with him. We would get up and go down to the kitchen where we would spend a happy two hours making some delicious food item to share with family or friends later that day. At that time, I was working half day and used to get home by 2pm most days. I used to invite several friends with children of the same age over in the afternoons for tea and play. These teas were a weekly event.

Gregory enjoyed the baking and like to measure the ingredients into either the measuring jug, if it was liquids, or a bowl on the scale, if it was cheese, flour or sugar. He quickly started to learn his numbers and understand how much liquid was in a cup or a half cup. He even used measuring spoons.

Gregory like to mix, usually with his hands. It was good for him to squish the dough between his fingers and experience the textures. I taught Gregory how to separate eggs and he enjoyed beating them with the electric mixer and watching them become thick and fluffy.

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  1. The confidence kids gain in the kitchen can help them excel in many other areas of life. Excellent guest post, Robbie! Great to see you over at Jay’s site.

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