Welcome to Day 7 of the “WHILE THE BOMBS FELL” Blog Tour! @bakeandwrite #RRBC @4WillsPub

Blog Tour Maven hosted day 7 of the While the Bombs Fell blog tour. Thank you, Jade, for hosting me.

Welcome to my blog! I’m hosting the final day of this tour that I’ve been following and I’ve enjoyed it so much.  I knew that I’d be hosting this author so that made me even more interested in what she had to share.

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Here is Day 7 of the “WHILE THE BOMBS FELL” Blog tour

Children should be seen and not heard

Origin of this saying
Children should be seen and not heard is an old English proverb which has its origins in the religious culture of the 15th century, where children, particularly young women, were meant to stay silent unless spoken to or asked to speak.

This proverb first appeared in Mirk’s Festial, published by a clergyman in approximately 1450:

“Hyt ys old Englysch sawe: A mayde schuld be seen, but not herd.”

The word sawe is an old English word meaning proverb. In old English, a mayde was a young woman.

It is not known how this proverb evolved to include all children, but its purpose at highlighting the naivety of children and their ignorance of adult matters is clear.

The Victorian era
By the Victorian era, the role of men as the head of the house and the moral leader of the family was firmly entrenched in British culture. The role of women was to provide their husbands with a clean home, to put food on the table and to raise their children. Women’s rights were extremely limited in this era and, on marriage, they lost ownership of their wages, their physical property, excluding land property, and all other cash they generated once married. In addition, when a Victorian woman married, she became the physical property of her husband and he gained control over her body and everything it produced including sex, children and labour.

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